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In 2006 I opened my first business. As a doula and founder of a doula collective I learned first hand the time and effort it takes to build something from scratch. I taught myself web design, read books on business strategy and marketing, and began noticing that others kept asking for advice about what they could do with their businesses to make them work better. 

By 2009 I was managing a local midwifery practice. Along with running the day to day operations of the office, I also focused on customer service, integration of technology into the business, streamlining the business' needs and partnerships within the community, as well as maintaining our community standing through outreach and social media. Managing ongoing projects in the office was also a key responsibility of my role.  

I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Health Education from San Francisco State University, where I graduated cum laude in May 2014. I am a proud supporter and member of the San Francisco State Alumni Association. 

After graduation I started taking my friend's and community's questions about business more seriously. Why was no one offering small business owners good consulting services that met their needs? Either the cost was out of reach for small businesses or the services were too broad and not focused on individual attention. Why were women-led businesses struggling to find the support they needed and often turning up empty when looking for outside help to make their businesses more sustainable and profitable? There were lots of books available with catchy slogans but none spoke to the individual needs of women small business owners. The consultant offerings were lacking and small business owners were left without real world advice, help in managing the day to day operations, or affordable project management so their businesses could grow. 

I am also a small business owner. As a sole proprietor I know the demands on a small business and want to help you create something that works for you. I work closely with my clients to develop individualized plans that are designed to help your business grow while also being cost effective.